Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why "Bike" Burien?

Burien is an interesting town. We are not "new urbanism" but we aren't a sprawling suburb either. What we are is a very culturally and economically diverse community sharing a city that is young. And we are making decisions about how we use space, move people and goods in a way that makes our place more livable for everyone.

Biking is one way -- a people powered way -- to get around town. Rarely in life are there silver bullets, but the bicycle may be one. Riding a bike is good for our health, it's good for the environment, it's fun, and it builds community by connecting people to their neighbors and local businesses. There are other good things about bikes; too many to list.

The organizers of the B-Town Bike Fair want to see more biking in our community. We want our citizens to benefit from the positive attributes of biking and we want our community to be part of the solution to the "big" problems of the world.

So with our event we begin by celebrating bikes with people big and small, young and old, new to this community (and country) and those that have been around here a while. It's about empowerment. We'll focus on safety and a little bit on rules & etiquette. There will be information and art and a place to recycle underutilized bikes so they can be restored and made available to someone who can't a afford a new one. And participants will also get a chance to get out and use their bikes to connect to interesting businesses and places in town, reinforcing the connections this tool of transport offers.

We also hope to learn from the people who participate.... What is the potential for biking in Burien? What are the barriers? Who is doing it? Who wants to? It's a start. It should be fun.

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