Friday, April 30, 2010

REI to partner with B-Town Bike Fair!

REI will be sponsoring a bicycle safety check station at the 2010 B-Town Bike Fair. They have participated twice before at the Burien Bicycle Rodeos of 2006 and 2007 and we welcome them back!

We have received commitments from a few bike shops in the South End to bring mechanics to the Bike Fair, but the early commitment from the REI Southcenter Store helped solidify our plans to offer safety checks.

Bring your bike to the safety check station during the B-Town Bike Fair to get your bike checked out and learn more about services offered at the Southcenter REI location.

In addition to all the skis, snowboards, and camping gear that REI offers, they have a full service bike shop staffed by experienced technicians. They flat repair, overhauls and just about everything in between. Their bicycle tune up packages that range from $75 to $175 but of course those of us who are REI members get significant discounts on all shop rates.

It's great to have them back.

Wouldn't it be great if there were an REI store in the new Burien Town Square?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Baiku" (a haiku for bikes)

Cycling spring Sunday
Mom pedals trailer with kids
Spandex zooms through town

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why Highline Medical Center was the first partner of the B-Town Bike Fair

The very first organization that stepped up to support our event this go around was the Highline Medical Center Foundation. Why? Because HMC is a community hospital that serves Burien. A community hospital, we've learned, is a for-profit entity, but one that is also the first line in a community in taking on health issues. They often take on issues that many private regional hospitals can't or won't.

HMC also happens to be opening a brand new state-of-the art ER. For the HMC Foundation this is a perfect year to focus on the health and safety of our community. While HMC is still waging a multi-million dollar capital campaign to complete funding the new ER, they eagerly supported us with the purchase of many of the several bike helmets that we will be able to provide to kids (and maybe a few adults) at the Bike Fair that don't have them. We will have helmet fitters, trained by SafeKids, to ensure helmets are sized and adjusted properly.

Today at the ER grand opening, HMC Foundation gave 150 helmets away. Several Bike Fair organizers were on hand to help staff and SafeKids fit helmets on kids and say thanks for their support of our the B-Town Bike Fair.

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May is National Bike Month

We can't talk about bikes without mentioning this small news item.

Most activities in the region are supported by Cascade Bicycle Club including:
- The Group Health Commute Challenge
- Bike to Work Day
- Bike to School Day and Month

There will be many events around the Puget Sound area over the course of the month. More info available at Cascade's website. The big one for us grown ups being Bike-To-Work Day on Friday May 21st. Get that chain oiled and tires pumped up and pedal your way to the office. You'll be one of about 20,000 in the Seattle area alone. If you're up for more than one day, you can get your office to register a team and track your miles (it's free and prizes are involved). There is also a bike to school program. I don't believe any schools in Highline are set to participate yet.