Friday, May 28, 2010

Bicycles to reflect the abilities of our whole community

One of the first things we agreed on in planning the B-Town Bike Fair is that we wanted it to reflect the entire community of Burien. We’re working at this in a few ways, one of which is our continued partnership with the Outdoors for All Foundation. Anne, who has brought their amazing collection of adaptive cycles to Burien for bike rodeos in prior years, has lined them up to be a part of the B-Town Bike Fair this year.

Their fleet includes a large variety of cycles including three- and four--wheeled bikes, hand-cycles, tandem bikes and recumbent cycles. Whatever your physical ability level, come try out something new and see the variety of cycles available.

The Outdoors for All Foundation seeks to bring the joy of the outdoors to everyone by sharing their expertise in adaptive recreational equipment. They are one of the largest nonprofit organizations providing year round instruction in outdoor recreation for people with physical, developmental and sensory disabilities. And they don’t just do bikes! Outdoors for All’s year round programming includes snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross country and downhill skiing, cycling, hiking, river rafting, canoeing and kayaking, day camps, water skiing, rock-climbing, camping and custom events.

To learn more go to:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The scavenger hunt: It's about the prizes and more...

After doing a few bike rodeos just for kids, this year we wanted to create an element to get older kids, adults, and familes on their bikes and involved in an event. In addition to safety inspections etc. the main thing we've done for more "mature pedalers" is organize a scavenger hunt. And yes there will be prizes for those that complete it successfully. So that means, bring your bike to the Wild Strawberry Festival!!!!

Why a scavenger hunt you ask? Biking to work, the store, and... well anywhere is getting to be a more common occurance these days. It's healthy, it's green, it's cheaper. And it's been well documented that the length of the average trip made by Americans is only about 3 miles!

So we partnered with Sustainable Burien to create a Scavenger Hunt. We are hoping to do a few things:

1) Get people of all ages out riding around and experiencing Burien in a new way.

2) Highlight a few local "green" businesses that fit nicely with this mode of transportation.

3) Have fun.

4) Give away stuff.

The hunt will run from about 11am to 2pm and participatnts will cover about 3 miles on their bikes (i.e. that Average american trip). It should take most folks about 40 minutes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Official Bike Fair posters going up this week!

Keep your eyes peeled for our official poster in the next few weeks as you make your way around town.

Our goal is to get as many people as possible to show up to the Wild Strawberry Festival on -- or with -- their bike.

The more kids and adults getting helmets fitted, building their riding skills in the rodeo, and navigating the scavenger hunt, the more successful this event will be!

....and compliments to Marya for a nice job on this handmade poster.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Recycle your old cycle at the Bike Fair

There are estimated to be tens of millions of unused bicycles in the U.S. sitting in garages, collecting dust. We wanted to see how we could use the Fair to put some of those underutilized cycles back into use.

We will have experienced mechanics from Bicycles West, REI, and other shops at the B-Town Bike Fair to do free routine safety checks on your bike. Hopefully this will tip the balance for many to get that squeaky chain cycle back out on the road.

But there are also a lot of bikes that have been outgrown or for other reasons just aren't going to get ridden. So Jimmy has also reached out to Bike Works, a non-profit based in southeast Seattle that restores old and underutilized bicycles and gets them in the hands of kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

One Bike Works program that is really cool is the Earn-A-Bike program. In an eight week series of classes kids learn the basics of bike repair and practice this work on recycled bikes that will be given to other community organizations. Once they have accrued 18 hours of community service doing bike repair they are able to pick out and rebuild their very own bike!

So bring that old bike in to our Fair at the Wild Strawberry Festival on June 19th and we'll help get it back on road one way or another.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pastries by bike: Half the price and half the guilt

We've been connecting with many businesses around town that are taking steps to be green, and with this, many want to be a part of building a bike-friendly community. We have secret plans to shamelessly plug for several of these local green entrepreneurs, but today we have to tip our helmets to Burien Press.

In addition to discounts offered to customers that bring in a Link light rail ticket, Burien Press offers half-price off all pastries for customers arriving by bike!

So if you do the math.... the average trip an American makes is between 2 and 3 miles. Most estimates are that you burn about 35 calories for each mile you bike. So you're probably burning off about half of that pastry just getting there. And if you only have to pay for half of it in the first place, it's pretty much a free pastry. Right?

Now if we could just get a bike rack right in front of the shop all would be right in the world.