Thursday, May 13, 2010

Recycle your old cycle at the Bike Fair

There are estimated to be tens of millions of unused bicycles in the U.S. sitting in garages, collecting dust. We wanted to see how we could use the Fair to put some of those underutilized cycles back into use.

We will have experienced mechanics from Bicycles West, REI, and other shops at the B-Town Bike Fair to do free routine safety checks on your bike. Hopefully this will tip the balance for many to get that squeaky chain cycle back out on the road.

But there are also a lot of bikes that have been outgrown or for other reasons just aren't going to get ridden. So Jimmy has also reached out to Bike Works, a non-profit based in southeast Seattle that restores old and underutilized bicycles and gets them in the hands of kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

One Bike Works program that is really cool is the Earn-A-Bike program. In an eight week series of classes kids learn the basics of bike repair and practice this work on recycled bikes that will be given to other community organizations. Once they have accrued 18 hours of community service doing bike repair they are able to pick out and rebuild their very own bike!

So bring that old bike in to our Fair at the Wild Strawberry Festival on June 19th and we'll help get it back on road one way or another.

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