Thursday, May 20, 2010

The scavenger hunt: It's about the prizes and more...

After doing a few bike rodeos just for kids, this year we wanted to create an element to get older kids, adults, and familes on their bikes and involved in an event. In addition to safety inspections etc. the main thing we've done for more "mature pedalers" is organize a scavenger hunt. And yes there will be prizes for those that complete it successfully. So that means, bring your bike to the Wild Strawberry Festival!!!!

Why a scavenger hunt you ask? Biking to work, the store, and... well anywhere is getting to be a more common occurance these days. It's healthy, it's green, it's cheaper. And it's been well documented that the length of the average trip made by Americans is only about 3 miles!

So we partnered with Sustainable Burien to create a Scavenger Hunt. We are hoping to do a few things:

1) Get people of all ages out riding around and experiencing Burien in a new way.

2) Highlight a few local "green" businesses that fit nicely with this mode of transportation.

3) Have fun.

4) Give away stuff.

The hunt will run from about 11am to 2pm and participatnts will cover about 3 miles on their bikes (i.e. that Average american trip). It should take most folks about 40 minutes.

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