Sunday, June 6, 2010

Highline High School art students look for inspiration in bicycles

From fixed gears to beach cruisers, bikes are definitely all the rage right now world wide. And not surprisingly, there is no lack of contemporary art with references to the bicycle. Bikes and art just go together.

Marya, our own "Bike Fair Art Guru", teamed up with the Highline High School arts program to see what kind of inspiration local students could draw from bikes, and the role of bikes in our community. We captured a sample here of the wide ranging 2-D images generated from these creative young artists.

In partnership with the City's Parks & Recreation Department, a series of black and photographs from Highline's Photography class will be on display at the new Burien Community Center starting this Thursday June 10th running up to the Bike Fair.

All 2-D and some 3-D pieces will be on display at the Bike Fair on June 19th. We are really excited to have the perspective that these students bring on display at our Fair.

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