Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How you can help make B-Town more bicycle friendly

The 2010 Washington State Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project is upon us and we're looking for volunteers here in Burien to collect bike and pedestrian data at designated stations between Tuesday October 5th and Thursday October 7th. The collection of data building on Burien's 2009 effort will help tell the story of bikeability and walkability in our community and help us advocate for infrastructure that supports transportation choices.

Here is a map of the stations we completed last year (each station has last year's count totals noted).

View Burien Bike/Pedestrian Counts in a larger map

To get a "complete" count at a station we need a morning shift (7-9am) and an afternoon shift (4-6pm) sometime between Tuesday October 5th and Thursday October 7th. And not only is the data valuable but spending two hours watching people move through one place offers a unique perspective of your community (I also got to listen to a whole morning news cycle on NPR uninterrupted by children, which may have been a first).

Have a look at the list below and let me know by email (huevodelcampo@gmail.com) if you think you could cover a AM or a PM shift and if so what your station preference would be.

Station 1 - SW 136th St & 4th Ave SW
Station 2 - Ambaum & SW 136th St.
Station 3 - SW 150th St. & 4th Ave SW
Station 4 - SW 152nd & 21st Ave SW
Station 5 - SW 152nd & 1st Ave S.
Station 6 - S. 136th St & 8th Ave S
Station 7 - 1st Ave S & Normandy Rd
Station 8 - Ambaum & SW 144th
Station 9 - SW 160th & 4th Ave Sw

(Bike) Trailer Trash In Burien

Love this. For the full experience go to DIY Rob's blog at http://robj98168.blogspot.com/2010/08/most-pathetic-dog-in-world-ever.html