Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A real chance to make B-Town more walkable, bikeable, and LIVABLE.... And it only comes around once a decade.

As you may know, 2011 is the year that the City of Burien begins the process of updating the city plan. The comprehensive plan and it's various components will house the suite of policies that answer key questions about - among many other things - what kind of development we are going to promote in our community, what our focus will be for park investments, and how will we improve and redesign our roads for all users. For folks that share our vision for a Burien with healthy transportation choices, we just couldn't ask for a better opportunity and it all starts with a survey asking what your vision for Burien is (click here)!

For those who love meetings, acronyms and bureaucratic garbledygook, do not despair, there will be unending opportunities to wade neck deep in process. But if either you don't have the tolerance for the dark arts of policy development or you just don't have time (I will return at a later time and try to convince you to reconsider) at least take note of the first phase of the process, which the City just launched today. Visioning.

As reported today in the B-Town Blog, the City is asking its citizens what their vision is for Burien 20 and 30 years from now. If you value a community where you, your kids and neighbors can walk or ride your bike safely around town, this is a great opportunity to provide your two cents. You can see from the B-Town Blog and the City's website that the visioning process wil unfold over the next several months. Take note of this, stay tuned, but in the meantime take the survey!!!!

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