Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 B-Town Bike Fair - WE NEED YOU!

A note to the faithful-

Last year the B-Town Bike Fair pulled together over 50 other local volunteers to deliver an amazing pedal-powered event at the Burien Wild Strawberry Festival.

Over 100 kids participated in the bike rodeo, more than 125 helmets were given away free of charge, we held a first-ever community wide bicycle scavenger hunt, and enough bikes were donated to support youth programs that we needed four truckloads to haul them all away!

Our goal was to begin to build community and a conversation around safe streets and a more livable place through healthy forms of transportation. But the momentum from last year's Bike Fair has taken us way beyond our expectations. While several of us, as event organizers, have humbly received recognition from the City and Cascade Bicycle Club, the most exciting thing is the energy building behind biking in Burien!

But now it is time to shift our gears and focus once again back to the Fair. We want the 2011 edition to be bigger and better than last year, but we need your help. This a community powered event and we are looking for volunteers who are passionate about safe streets and making our community stronger through biking. We need you!!!

The event will be held, once again, in partnership with the Wild Strawberry Festival on Saturday June 18th. We'll need people to help guide kids through the bike rodeo, fit helmets, help with adaptive cycles, orient scavenger hunt riders, and we have a few new tricks up our sleeve as well. There are opportunities to help the day of, or beforehand. We can use people who like to be in the middle of the chaos and those who like to work behind the scenes.

In a day or two, we'll post a broader call on the B-Town Blog, but we wanted to start with our existing committed volunteers first. We want your help again. Contact Brooks at or Jimmy at to discuss what you'd like to do. You can also contact us through this blog or on Facebook, where we provide updates on the Fair and other interesting things going on related to biking in Burien.

And if you need additional inspiration, this video says it all:

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