Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Burien's Kristi Moen speaks the language of bikes and health in Olympia

At my work, we're renovating our building. And in the fog of the thousands of decisions being made, there are a lot of questions about how the remodel is going to support bike commuting.

So we cycling nuts find ourselves having to "sell" the benefits of bike commuting to building management constantly. We've tried everything - cost savings, happy employees, green commuting - but don't always hit the mark.

So the other day one of my coworkers sends me this blog post from the Bicycle Alliance of Washington's blog. "This is how you do it!" He says. As I read it not only do I realize he's right, I also realize I know this person... She's from Burien!

Kudos to our own Kristi Moen for taking her passion for cycling and safe streets to Olympia and advocating on all of our behalf. And great write up too! Check it out: Advocacy Through Fresh Eyes

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