Friday, April 8, 2011

Cool old stuff: the report from the Vintage Bike Swap

I heard from two friends who made it out to the 23rd Annual Vintage Bike Swap that it was worth the trip up to Shoreline. JR said he saw several classic Schwinn Cruisers for under $100. Gina Bourdage, who is the new administrative coordinator at Discover Burien is restoring her own vintage bike. She provided this report and took some fantastic photos including the ones posted here.

"This was a great place if you needed parts or hard to find pieces for a vintage bike with less newer options. Most of the vendors seemed to also sell their products on Craig’s list and were pretty knowledgeable about prices, and where to find things you might need. Most were nice enough to let you take a test ride if you were interested. These events are great for those of us working on restoration of an older bike and helpful for people just wanting something inexpensive to start out riding around the neighborhood. Best part was I ran into some other Burien locals at the event, so good job on getting the word out!"


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