Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bike Fair Preview - Your chance to ride one bike with six of your friends

It's called the conference bike and we will have one at this year's B-Town Bike Fair from 12 to 4.  Another reason to mark your calendar!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friday 5/20 is bike day and there will be rewards in B-Town

I just heard that Grand Central Bakery -- which is an avid supporter of bicycling -- will be giving away a free pastry AND coffee drink for anyone that brings in their helmet!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A vision for a healthier, happier future (without spandex)

The Cascade Bicycle Club has launched this short video expressing their newly focused vision on what we cyclists are realizing that bikes are all about: health and joy. Cycling is not just about racing or spandex anymore; a message that is likely going to resonate more with a broader population, including us in Burien. It's nice to see yourself in a vision!

Cascade Bicycle Club - Vision 2011 from Punch Drunk on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A place to build your family's bike skills - The new Des Moines Creek Trail

At a recent presentation to my fellow parents at the Burien Cooperative Preschool, there were a lot of questions about good locations in the area for kids and adults to ride bikes that were safe from car traffic and thus allowing beginning (or re-beginning) riders the chance to build up skills and confidence on their bicycles.

The newly completed Des Moines Creek Trail was mentioned, but not many people knew much about it, or even where it was. So as a service to all you "everyday adventurers" in Highline, my 5 year-old son and I did a little reconnaissance trip to check this place out.

First of all, the trail head is on S. 200th Street in Des Moines, between Hwy 99 to the east and Des Moines Memorial Drive to the west. I generated this may on my mapmyride iPhone ap to show the entire route we rode.

The trail is 2.5 miles down to Des Moines Creek Park. You ride a very gentle grade down through some beautiful forest, what looks like habitat restoration projects and some really unique creek formations (lots of cool clay deposits) that spits you out at the beach park. I was concerned that riding the 2.5 miles back up would be tough for a this little peddler with 16" wheels but it really wasn't. We took advantage of several benches interspersed along the way for resting spots and the whole trip took a little more than an hour. Almost too short, actually.

Trail does provide a great uninterrupted stretch for walking or riding without the fear of negotiating automobile traffic. The noise from airplanes taking off from Sea-Tac does take away from the serenity of this natural place, but it's tolerable. What this trail does though is makes you realize what an amazing amenity this will be if and when it gets connected to the proposed 16 mile Lake to Sound Trail that would connect Des Moines to Renton via Burien and Tukwila.

Someone needs to call the King County Contact for this project let us know when that dreamy image will be completed!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Another opportunity to get a good used bike for your kid TOMORROW!

The 15th Annual Kids' Bike Swap is here! Come on by this Saturday, May 7th, 2011, from 10 am - 4 pm at Genesee Playfield (43rd Ave S and S Genesee St).

This annual event is an opportunity for families to trade in a bike their child has outgrown for a larger bike - just in time for the summer riding season! The Kid's Bike Swap helps to facilitate the flow of affordable bicycles within the community and keeps fully functional bikes out of our local landfills. This year, Bike Works has overhauled over 145 kids' bikes to kick-off the swap!

How it Works:

At the swap, each bike that is brought to be swapped is assigned a trade value, which can then be applied towards a "new" bike. If the chosen bike's value exceeds that of the trade value the "customer" is responsible for the difference. Typically, when a bike is exchanged, the "customer" is able to take home a newly recycled ride for $12 or less.

Families looking to buy a bike, who do not have a bike to trade in, are welcome to come after 12 pm.

This year's Swap also provides an opportunity for the community to meet Bike Works' new Executive Director, Deb Salls. "I am excited to meet the families that have been supporting this event for the last 15 years," Salls says. "This event is in perfect alignment with our mission and vision - making bikes assessable and affordable in an environmentally friendly way."

Seattle Children's will fit free bike helmets and provide education on bicycle helmet safety. There will also be a "Family Bike" expo, with examples of different bikes and trailers that allow families to be car free.

See you Saturday!

2011 Poster is done - once again, this is why you marry an artist!

You should probably start to see these around town in the coming week or so. Props to Marya for a job really well done.