B-Town Bike Fair - Detailed Schedule

10am-2pm - Bicycle Rodeo for Kids & Preschool Tricycle Course
Includes Bicycle Safety Inspections, Helmet Fitting & Free Helmets (while supplies last), Bicycle Safety Obstacle Course

10am-3pm – Bicycle Decorations & Art Table
                        Getting your ride ready for the 3pm all peddlers parade

10am-3pm – Bike donations received by Bike Works
Have a sad, lonesome bike collecting dust in the back of the garage? This is a great opportunity to get into the hands of a great non-profit that works with youth to restore old bikes and get them into the hands of kids that can’t otherwise afford them.

10am-1pm – Adaptive Cycles presented by Outdoors for All
Always a hit.  Try out these innovative cycles designed to make cycling accessible to people of all physical abilities.

10am-3pm – Electric (”e-bike”) demonstration by Alki Bike & Board
                        Fair goers will have a chance to check these new bikes out that really
                        flatten out Seattle hills.

11am-2pm – Route finding & Bicycle Scavenger Hunt by Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation.
Come here to determine the best and safest bike routes around Burien.
ALSO test your route finding skills by following clues to local sights and businesses – recommended for adults and youth.  Parents with kids in bike trailers are encouraged to participate as well. 

2pm-3pm – Family Bike Challenge
·                   One parent and at least one child (in child seat, trailer or other conveyance) race from a starting line to their family bikes, don helmets, strap in kids, and take off. The modified bike rodeo obstacle course will involve some traffic-cone-weaving, pedestrian-dodging, stop signs, dropped toys, and other challenges unique to riding with kids.

3pm – All Peddlers Bike Parade
·                   All of the days participants – with bikes decorated or not – will be invited to join the One Love Marching Band and other local crazies for a pedal-powered parade through the Wild Strawberry Festival.

Parent/guardian must accompany child and sign liability waiver to participate

Other stuff....
Feet First will be on hand to talk about safe and healthy ways of getting kids to school.
WAVE (Women Against Violence Everywhere) will be here to reach women who want to build up their riding and bike maintenance skills.